Class and elegance, that is what Mariner stands for in the European in the furniture industry. The national brand in Spain has a historical value which has been handed down for over the past 126 years.

Mariner is the choice of the noble elite around the world such as the royal palaces of rich Arab countries and heads of state such as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The elements that make up the class of Mariner come from the most advanced materials in the world from Swarovski crystals, legendary Murano glass or the rare pierced Alabaster.

  • Established in 1893, a brand of 125 years, one of the most prestigious and influential brands in Spain.
  • A family company that has a special know-how which has been passed down through generations and talented artists.
  • Each MARINER product is viewed as a delicate piece of art, symbolizing cultural beauty, passion with timeless stories
  • Headquartered in Valencia Spain, Mariner also has a very large factory for producing handicrafts and warehouses in the same city.
  • Main style: classic and contemporary school of Louis of the 15th until the 18th century.

Not limiting itself to any specific material, Mariner is creative and combines all the wonderful, quintessential materials in the world to create their own imprints. All the special materials in the world are connected and blended by the skilled craftsmen of Mariner to create perfect work which value is timeless.