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Rampoldi Creations

For more than fifty years in Cantù, furniture capital city in Brianza, we can find a company which, thanks to its constant stylistic search and its unque- stioned manual skills, designs and creates furniture solutions able to give to the home a taste of refined elegance, in continuous union between past and present.


Family company with Tyrolean roots with over 3000 decoration lights and technical lights, well known all over the world, is a combination of Austrian traditions and other cultural influences that form the basis for variety and product quality.


Mariner is one of the most exclusive lighting and furniture manufacturers in the world. Since 1893, the year in which it was founded, Mariner has been producing well-designed, high quality lighting and furniture. Mariner’s original artisanal workshops existed even before electrification and have developed over time to become the current modern manufacturer that hasn’t lost its own personal style.

Iris Cristal

In addition to semi-classical crystal lamps, Iris Cristal’s modern and contemporary products are also very impressive and varied. With unique, eye-catching and impressive designs such as contemporary art works and unlimited creativity on high quality crystal material. Iris Cristal created a very unique and unmistakable color for any other famous brand.

Barovier & Toso

Since 1295, Barovier & Toso continues to bring the beauty of Murano glass from the 17th century to the world. The leading brand in the world of the legendary Murano glass. When you visit to the beautiful land of Venice, surely you can not ignore the opportunity to admire the wonderful glass works, as well as listen to the famous historical story The Murano Glass Blower. From there, it is understandable why the Murano glass works are so expensive.


Bugatti designs and manufactures products for the table and kitchen, cutlery and small household appliances that are highly innovative and have an original and sophisticated design. For 90 years, Bugatti proposals have been distinguished by the unique style in which high technology blends with Italian taste for shapes and details.


Through the process of building since 1985, Bronceart has reached the world market and become one of the brands specializing in manufacturing and providing artistic products with unique features of Valencia, Spain. Bronceart products are made of high quality materials such as copper, gold plated with crystal, Alabaster stone, … by the hands of experienced people of Valencia.