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The society is growing and changing – the demand for lamps for living spaces is not only focused on lighting but also decoration, which can transform the living space from classical to modern, bringing a sense of beauty to the house. With more than 25 years of experience, TTD Group is honored to be one of the leading suppliers of lighting and decoration solutions in Vietnam with products that keep up with all trends, both fashionable and diverse, and synchronized.

Decorative lights EGLO – Stars of light

Today, decorative lights have become an indispensable decor for people to express their artistic style, giving interior spaces a spark. We can use decorative lights for the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, bar, depending on the layout of each room.

Notes when choosing decorative lights

When choosing decorative lights, the first thing that is especially important is to define the style of the building. Depending on the different spaces, you can decide which lamps to choose; modern or neoclassical, simple or sophisticated in European style. You can then consider the room size, ceiling height, position to be installed so that it can be selected with the most suitable light color. For example: for living room lights and bedrooms you can choose a drop or ceiling chandelier; for bathroom lights or outdoor lights in addition to ensure light and warmth you need to pay attention to the water resistance and insect repellent ability of the lamp; the working room lights require sufficient light that does not cause eye discomfort during the work.

A decorative lamp can be made from a lot of materials such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, with nickel, chrome, silver and the highest grade of gold plating combined with fabric, Asfour or Swarovski crystals. Depending on the style, the manufacturer will choose different materials to create suitable lamps, satisfy customers’ needs and catch up with all market trends.

TTD is always professional

Coming to TTD Group, customers will be provided with the best services from choosing lights to completing installation, and warranty thanks to our experienced staff. Technical and design consultancy department of TTD has been trained in a methodical and professional manner with many years of experience in the industry. Based on the information customers can provide, such as designs, project parameters combined with the needs and preferences of customers, TTD will deliver the best available choice.

Bring the dream to drop into the light

Currently, in addition to the imported models from the manufacturers, TTD Group also provides tailor-made services according to customer requirements. Customers will be able to create ideas for themselves and sketch the patterns they dream about. TTD will provide customers with all the information to be able to complete a lamp including materials, price, finishing time, etc. The design and the lamp’s materials will be imported from the firms themselves. The company is exclusively distributing lights to ensure the best quality for customers.

MIALUXY – meets all customer requirements

TTD Group currently has its own decorative lighting brand named MIALUXY, which is designed, selected and completed by TTD. Mialuxy lamps have many styles from neoclassical to modern, both subtle and elegant and luxurious. The materials to create a Mialuxy lamp are imported from Spain and Czech Republic; materials such as copper, 18K, 24K gold plated, stainless steel, combined with glitter crystal beads with European standard. European prices are suitable for many customer segments. There are large spaces where customers need to decorate the lights but do not choose lights of correct sizes or choose inappropriate designs. Mialuxy will solve those difficulties for customers with the help of experienced designers. In addition to the models designed by TTD Group, Mialuxy also has models designed in Europe that have selected and provided patterns of trends and environments in Vietnam, bringing the most effective solution to customers.

by Mialuxy

Brands exclusively distributed by TTD

More specifically, with the desire to bring to customers the top-quality luxury products, TTD Group offers customers some of the leading European decorative lighting brands such as Mariner, Riperlamp and Iris Crystal and Bronceart. These are brands used by kings from ancient times, that are still present in the mansions of presidents or churches, palaces, parliaments to this very day.

Coming to TTD Group’s showroom, customers will be overwhelmed by the splendid beauty of European-style decorative lamps.