• Furniture

In the era of economic development, living standards have been increasingly improving. Many areas develop quickly to serve the living needs of people, in which the focus lies on the interior for living spaces.

Furniture is a general concept of the layout of interior space in a building. The interior decoration is very important and it always needs to follow a specific style to achieve a harmonious and aesthetic space.

Through the process of understanding and analyzing customers’ tastes in a positive and intensive way, TTD Group always catches up with all trends, bringing high-end furniture brands from classic to modern, meeting the demands of customers. These include brands such as: Mariner – Spain’s leading decorative and interior lighting brand, Asnaghi – which brings Italian souls into its every product and especially not to mention the Mialuxy brand – TTD’s own brand, providing many product lines including high-class furniture imported from Spain, and many more.

World class furniture

Mariner – Spain

The Mariner interior is primarily a Spanish-style, classy, luxurious became the top choice of nobles around the world. Mariner provides furniture such as: sofas, dining tables, wine cabinets, TV shelves, dressing tables, mirrors, etc. which help complete and perfect an interior space for customers.

Asnaghi – Italy

With hand-crafted lines from creative hands, Asnaghi’s furniture exudes a charm in classical and luxurious architecture, bringing Italian souls into eac

Mialuxy – TTD’s own brand

Mialuxy furniture is the embodiment of modern beauty. The product lines of Mialuxy are imported by TTD mainly from Spain with various designs of styles, materials, colors and sizes. Mialuxy’s modern features always aim at simplicity, sophistication and intimacy. The dominant tones of Mialuxy furniture are cream, burned or bright colors rather than blue, yellow orange, … bringing the beauty to the living space.

In addition to the above typical brands, TTD has many other furniture brands manufactured according to European standards. All bring to customers the best possible choices.

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