Technical Lighting

  • Technical Lighting

In the past, indoor lighting systems were often simple, with the sole reason for the lighting systems was to see. Today, with increasing requirements, lighting systems require thorough research and design to avoid many negative impacts, as well as to satisfy visual comfort for users.

Lights are extremely important in completing a project. During the daytime lighting is not very important. However, when it gets dark, lighting is indispensable. We can use lighting in the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom – lighting is needed everywhere. In the past, families only needed enough lights to illuminate a certain object or have had lights turned on as bright as possible, which affected the eyes. Fast forward to today, architectural lighting is the current trend and LED lighting is the most preferred lighting solution. Popular types of LED are : ceiling LEDs, LED light bulbs and LED downlights.

Outstanding features of LED lighting

  • Diversity in style and color
  • Longer life than incandescent and halogen light bulbs
  • Use heat dissipation technology – the amount of generated heat is ver low
  • Stable light, no harm to eyes
  • Superior lighting capability which saves power

Currently, TTD is distributing exclusive lighting brands such as EGLO – Austria, ILLARE – Spain, providing lighting solutions for the interior and exterior. If EGLO is mainly about decoration, then ILLARE will put more of its focus on lighting. In the house we all need to use lights such as downlights, spotlights, while on the outside the house there are lights such as balcony downlight, tree lights, wall splashes, floor lights for paths, that have to be used to make the house more prominent, more striking in the evening. Therefore, ILLARE is an effective option that can provide the most suitable solutions for all requirements of customers on criteria, parameters such as : CRI, ˚K, projection angle, output. Illare is suitable for every location, every function.