• Decorations

Today, the trend of home decoration is gradually becoming a regular work of art. Homeowners are more and more inclined to choose, change and renew living spaces. Decorations are an indispensable part of the home, which bring quality, character and personality to living spaces, giving them a unique and beautiful look.

To provide the best living spaces for customers, TTD Group has learned and selected many imported decorations from various countries such as Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and more. Amongst these are many models made by Vietnamese hands. TTD Group’s famous decorative brands are always chosen by TTD GROUP to bring to customers, because “a brand can not be strong without strong products”. This includes brands such as:

  • MARINER – Spain
  • SOHER – Spain
  • IBIAGI – Italy
  • MIOTTO – Italy
  • BOHEMIA – Czech Republic
  • And a number of typical products from VIETNAM

Depending on each space, customers can create their own decorative styles. They can decorate the living room, bedroom, offices, with a variety of products of different styles and colors.



When referring to crystal, we cannot help but mention Bohemia crystal – the land of specialists for crystal art. With expert cutting hands, artisans in the country of Bohemia (a part of the Czech Republic) have crafted countless products with eye-catching, unique designs.


The gold-plated bronze watches combined with natural stones come from top famous Spanish brands such as Riperlamp or Soher bring high-class beauty and value to the living spaces.


Lacquer paintings and oil paintings are a great discovery in terms of art and expressing techniques of Vietnamese painting, imbued with Vietnamese national identity.

In fact, there are many customers who want to choose “feng shui” ornaments such as tigers , lions, horses, fish, eagles or the color of decorations can bring good luck and convenience for customers in life.
TTD Group is honored to be able to bring to customers the perfect choices, to help customers’ living space more livelier.

Visit TTD Group showrooms to discover many incentives, decoration or gifts that adorn the living space, create a relaxing space after tiring working days.